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Digalyne Launches New Initiative to Connect Global Black Owned Businesses at the Height Pandemic

WASHINGTON, DC, February 2, 2022 – Digalyne Consulting, LLC, a digital strategy consultancy, launches Bridging the Digitech Diaspora, as a new initiative to bridge connection between digital and technical professionals of African descent across international lines.

Starting as an online discussion between digital professionals, the company plans to scale the initiative to an in-person conference for digital and technical thought leadership adhering to COVID-19 mandates.

Digalyne’s Principal Strategist, Ajia Allen, hosted the first installment as a series on the company’s Instagram page (@digalyne_) as the novel coronavirus and variants prompt caution.

“We are in a time that prioritizes digitization,” Allen said. “At the height of the pandemic, Black professionals and Black owned businesses were met with astronomical challenges, while digital strategy became a primary way for individuals and small businesses to survive. We are creating an avenue to capture transformative thought that helps Black owned small businesses leverage digital advancement.”

More than 300,000 Black owned small businesses temporarily or permanently shut down in 2020. In 2022, Black owned businesses have grown 38% since pre-COVID levels, according to Bloomberg.

Digalyne teams with Dimax Digital, a Ghana-operating digital marketing agency helping African-focused B2C businesses, to expand the digitech bridge.

To join the initiative, visit or email with subject line “Digitech Diaspora”.

About Digalyne:

Digalyne Consulting is a digital strategy consultancy that specializes in supporting rising small businesses and committed entrepreneurs. Our services support pivotal points of growth just when a little more strategy and support is needed to scale.

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