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Digital Strategy to Drive Change 

Our digital strategy provides rising underrepresented and growth businesses in the Software as a Service/Information Technology, Professional Services, Ecommerce, and Nonprofit/Trade Association space with tailored support and expertise to turn data into strategy, and vision into people-centric solutions. Digalyne's digital and tech (Digitech) partners believe in digital equity and co-create digital strategy with you as dedicated consultants or an implementation partner to help your business achieve your mission.

Our Clients Keep Rising

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What Does Digital Strategy for Business Do?

Your rising startup, small or growth business demands the right digital strategy to keep pace with a changing digitech world. We step in where your rising startup, small, or mid-size business is launching, re-evaluating, or rebranding. Digalyne helps startups and rising small or mid-size businesses leverage human-centered design thinking, Agile frameworks, and digital technology to deliver a solution, according to your needs, that maximizes business value. For the committed entrepreneur, we help you design digital and brand strategy for small business that is aligned with measurable goals.

Digital agility at scale demands organizations sync with a dedicated digital strategy consulting partner to develop quality CX, integrate data-focused strategy, and remain true and authentic to brand. We're here to help you.

Just remember... your next level starts with your next move.

Take a deeper look into the state of the digital as it stands today. Your digital strategy starts with understanding your current digital footprint and customer needs. Gain digital strategy that is within business or project scope and based on clear analysis and insight – instead of trends – to save time and cost.

Where We Come In

Digital Strategy Consulting 

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation strategy is specific to your organization and takes a technological, cultural, and process-driven shift. Digalyne is building a tailored digital transformation pilot.  Learn More.


Gain a dedicated team to help you digitize your business models and develop integrated, compatible systems to achieve seamless customer experience.  Contact Us

Digital Project Manage-ment 

Agile Project Management

Work with certified digital project managers who are experienced in implementing the Agile framework for digital projects like digital migrations, digital integrations, automation, website development, and more. Contact Us

Website Development

Gain a secure, SEO-driven website that stands out and helps your customers convert. Digalyne provides website development services and ongoing maintenance, according to your needs. Contact Us

Digital Marketing 

Integrated Marketing

Outsource your B2B or B2C digital marketing needs for full service integrated digital marketing that is data driven, transparent, and agile. Real people manage your marketing for real results. Contact Us

Marketing Campaigns

Drive conversions with an organic digital marketing strategy that aligns with the marketing funnel and your brand. Target the right audience with the right digital marketing campaign from start to finish. Contact Us

We are not social media managers. We are strategists who love all things digital. We are dedicated partners to helping your rising startup, small or mid-size business solve problems and identify human-centered solutions. As much as we would love to help you join TikTok and increase your following, our main goal is to help your business and employees be more strategic and agile with digital strategy.

Working with Laptops

Who Should Work With Us?

You are a rising start up, small or growth business seeking an external consulting partner to help your organization become agile, understand data, or improve current processes.

You are a committed entrepreneur seeking a dedicated partner to help your small business expand through digital strategy that equips you for digital readiness. Get Started

Common Problems

We Solve with Digital Strategy

  1. You work on multiple digital projects but continue to run into project issues due to lack of project management support, limited organization, or project roadblocks.

  2. You require system integration to support customer experience or marketing and sales automation. You are not sure how to manage or track data sources.

  3. Your marketing is not converting due to inconsistency in message and strategy.

  4. You are starting to scale or just getting started with your small business and brand and are not sure where to start.

  5. Your email marketing list is full of unengaged customers or lacks accurate segmentation.

  6. You are seeking to understand and apply Agile techniques in a digital transformation context.

How We Serve

We get to know you first – to understand your business and to create solutions that align with your vision. Digalyne's small team of consultants and partners understand just how impactful the right support is at the right time, so our services are designed to be simple, affordable, and meet your needs as they are today, so you stay prepared for what's next.

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