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Digalyne Consulting, LLC is the only firm that delivers leading digital strategy one-to-one with the journey of rising underrepresented and growth businesses - implementing value at each moment of growth. A remote-in-action, woman-owned firm, we support underserved and underrepresented organizations as a strategy and implementation partner, and resource hub.


Mission-forward support from a dedicated team.


Service design and packages based on your budget and needs

Experienced Consultants

Passionate, real people with Fortune 500 experience.  


Agile-focused development for faster value delivery.

We help underrepresented, mission-driven organizations and startups embrace digital for strategic growth.


Digital Integration
& Systems Management

Website Development
& Optimization

Strategy Development
Technology Integration
Systems Maintenance
Project Management
Data Analytics

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Why Digalyne?

In most cases, our clients simply want to build something cool or solve a problem. Sorry to say, but digital technology alone is likely not the answer. We work with you to help you define the vision, pinpoint root causes of issues, leverage digital technology, and design digital strategy that centers the needs of real people for business-centered outcomes. Digalyne is a woman-owned, minority-owned company that gets it – we’re business owners too – and we want to see you rise.  

Experienced Digitech Consultants with a heart for entrepreneurial innovation and small business success.

Our entire network of experts have worked with leading global Fortune 500 brands.


Our Clients Keep Rising

A Baltimore-Based Woman Owned Business Services Firm

A $2 million business services riser developed an innovative SaaS solution for capture management that lacked market visibility. Company planning placed product development at the forefront, while go-to-market strategy fell to the wayside of siloed tactics and undefined value proposition. Digalyne consultants were propositioned to “do whatever you can” to invigorate market visibility, transform digital presence, and ultimately help the company drive sales.

What Clients Say

"Digalyne Consulting has a unique approach to digital marketing consulting. The insight this company brings to your business for as long as your business is around is too valuable to measure. I would definitely trust my digital strategy to Digalyne without a second thought."
- Khelya O., Esq. 
C Suite Consultants, Ltd.
Los Angeles, CA

Our Partners

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