Digalyne Hosts Live Panel Discussion to Talk Digital Strategy for Black-Owned Businesses

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2020 – Digalyne Consulting, LLC hosted an online live panel discussion “You Are Seen, You Are Heard: Discussions on the State of Digital in the Black Community” on June 22 to take a strategic look at the digital divide, the power of digital influence, and strategies to leverage digital for Black advancement. Four experts in the digital media, advertisement, and marketing industry joined the forum to discuss a wide array of topics from representation gaps in media and advertisement to the economic use of social media for Black-owned businesses.

“We are experiencing an interesting point in time,” said Ajia Allen, Principal Consultant and Owner of Digalyne. “Digital is at the forefront of transformation for so many organizations, while also being used instrumentally as an extended voice of the people leading the call for social justice against inexcusable acts like the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. It is important to spotlight the state of digital as a tool for consumerism, but also to start dialogue on how to use digital as a source of advancement.”

Digalyne’s live panel discussion aired on the company’s Facebook page at the start of Phase II of the Washington, DC Reopening. Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spurred a global shutdown and social distance requirements in March 2020 and continued into June, leaving Black Americans disproportionately impacted. Discussion panelists addressed ways Black business owners can take advantage of digital to overcome the economic challenges of the pandemic.