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The Digital Riser Series | Social Media Governance and Strategy

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

About this event

The Digital Riser Series aims to be the cornerstone of digital thought leadership and is visually presented to reach and represent leading women and men who navigate digital strategy and tech. Join with Host Ajia Allen, Principal Strategist of Digalyne, and CEO & Founder of Serna Social, Sue Serna, to discover how to manage social media strategy and governance at scale. Chat with us live!

About the Special Guest:

Sue Serna is the founder and CEO of Serna Social, a social media consulting agency focused on social media governance, risk, security and strategy. Sue is one of the nation’s top experts on social media safety and spent nearly nine years leading the global social media program for Cargill, one of the largest private companies in the United States.

Sue pioneered many industry best practices that the world’s largest companies use to keep their social media footprints safe. In addition, Sue is an accomplished social media trainer and an established communicator with a passion for creating compelling content. In 2021, Sue was named to the National Institute for Social Media’s Advisory Committee, a role in which she continues to proudly serve today.

Watch the Replay:

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