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The Digital Riser Series | Reimagining Corporate Podcasting & Audio Storytelling in 2023

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

About this event

The Digital Riser Series aims to be the cornerstone of digital thought leadership and is visually presented to reach and represent leading women and men who navigate digital strategy and tech. Join with Host Ajia Allen, of Digalyne, and former Pfizer and HGTV director, Chad Parizman, Principal and Founder of Ader Communications to dig into the power of audio and corporate podcast storytelling in 2023. What's different? What's the same? How to create a strong podcast strategy?

About the Special Guest:

Chad Parizman is the Principal & Founder of Ader Communications, a consultancy focused on helping brands elevate unique voices.

Ader Communications was created to help brand marketers & storytellers better connect with their audience. He has spent more than 20 years in digital marketing and content strategy, with a focus on growth through data and metrics insights. Prior to starting Ader Communications, Chad was the Head of Digital & Social Communications at Pfizer where he built and managed a team of content creators focused on telling Pfizer’s story of Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

Before Pfizer Chad held a number of roles at Scripps Network Interactive, launching many of their first social media and mobile initiatives. Chad currently lives in New Jersey and finds time to listen to more than two dozen podcasts a week.

Watch the Replay:

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