What is Digital Transformation and How to Get Started for Small Business

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Most organizations are just starting to understand the importance of holistic digital transformation, much less have adopted fully automated infrastructure and applications that perform with scalability. You’re not as behind as you might think with digital transformation. It is a learning endeavor – that is always changing – and stumps even the most experienced of CIOs and organizational heads. In fact, as a small business you have the advantage.

Small businesses are outperforming the global big boys in change performance and remain Agile in business structure. Large competitors struggle with adapting to change as rapidly as organizations with nimble, multi-talented teams – an obvious problem for digital transformation.

Digital transformation and integrated business processes

Just four years ago, McKinsey & Company reported that more than 70% of digital transformation and change programs failed. Fast forward to 2019, investments in digital reinvention still failed to materialize anticipated gains.

The last decade has proven to be a digital transformation frenzy ripe with attempts to get on the right side of strategic transformation and leaving behind several lessons learned that you can use to your advantage. Global giants experienced it the most.

Digital Transformation Fails in the Last 10 Years