Is Your Small Business Ready for Digital Strategy?

The short answer: Yes. Yes, it is. We believe that once your business has established its mission and vision, the next step is to begin developing your digital strategy.

Small business team working together

Too many companies fail because they are excited and ready to dive into business without considering the strategy it will take to work smarter, not harder and remain in business long-term.

Even if you’re just getting started with your business, creating a working digital strategy, complete with a digital project management plan and consideration for your online marketing, sets your brand up to solve questions and challenges that you didn’t even know existed. It’ll help you get ahead of the game.

In addition to developing a good content mix for your digital channels, the strategy will solve a few other problems according to this Smart Insights article:

  • Help you to establish brand direction

  • Ensure you know your online audience and market share

  • Give insight to how your brand fares against competitors

  • Create and/or reinforce your unique value and unique selling propositions (UVP and USP)

  • Establish who your online customers are (and how to best reach them and speak their language)

  • Disturb your silos – in other words, help you to create a more fluid mar