How to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy as a Start Up

The first thing you are likely thinking to do as a new start up or small business is to get customers! Customers are, after all, the lifeblood of a thriving business. You need to make money, right? Yes, we will agree with that – obviously, customers are important whether you are a B2B/B2C//B2G firm or otherwise.

Yet, one of the areas that small business start ups seem to mistake the most is where and how to get those customers – and not creating the digital marketing strategy necessary to acquire them. You are likely a small business with limited capital and human resources. Thus, making huge strategic plans probably do not fit into your business model just yet.

That’s great (we recommend that you stay agile).

However, a digital marketing strategy will do you great justice in the pursuit of high profit yielding customers and achieving customer retention.

As you read this blog, and your small business continues to grow, feel free to add greater detail to your digital marketing strategy, as well as adjust it as new customer data trickles in.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad practice that combines quality content, data analysis, and tools and technologies to leverage pull marketing strategies that attract buyers. Digital marketing can include multiple organic or paid digital marketing methods, and often occur simultaneously for an organization. It continues even after your customers are acquired.

Your small business can use digital marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage and secure market share at a lower cost point.

However, if digital marketing is done ad hoc or outside of a defined digital marketing strategy, the result can be costly with limited results.

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Shift your thinking away from “getting customers” and start looking at the bigger picture. Before you venture into marketing and sells pitches galore, begin with understanding your business model and long-term vision for growth. It is important for small businesses to use this overall vision to drive business outcomes across company segments – including its digital marketing initiatives.

Ask these 3 questions to start:

  • What problem is my small business solving?

  • What value is the service or product bringing to the market?

  • What is required to communicate that value to stakeholders?

When these questions are solidified for your small business and clear to the digital marketing team you are ready to develop a digital marketing strategy for start ups.

To develop your digital marketing strategy, execute these steps: Determine Your Goals, Determine Your Target Audience, Define the Platforms, Determine the Budget, and Establish a Monitoring and Control Schedule.

"You won’t know where to go until you understand why you’re going."

1. Determine Your Goals

Understand what you want to accomplish in specific terms. Thus, “acquire customers” is not necessarily a great goal, though it can be the overall objective for a lead generation campaign, for example. Your digital marketing strategy must have clearly defined goals.

Have you heard the saying “you won’t know where to go until you understand why you’re going”? You can apply that same frame of thinking to goal creation for your digital marketing strategy.

  • What are you trying to accomplish and why is it necessary? Remember, you are adding value and maximizing cost – avoid unnecessary efforts.