Here's Why Marketing Automation Should Still Be a Priority in 2021

Automation has somewhat lost, regained, and re-lost its buzz over the recent years… but it has not lost its ability to advance key business functions like marketing and operations.

It’s especially helpful for small businesses that are just getting started or that want to grow to the next level.

Happy and diverse marketing team gathering for team meeting

So why don’t more business owners embrace automation as a priority at the start of developing business strategy. In this article, Jeanette Kreuzburg, Founder of Soloday Marketing & Development LLC, and Ajia Allen, Principal Strategist of Digalyne, explore insights on marketing automation through the lens of the small business start-up during the height of the pandemic.

In fact, more than 1 million small business startups started in the past year or so, and those that were around before and used marketing automation before the pandemic experienced greater sustainability than their counterparts.

Automation contributes to steps toward digital transformation in small business as well – a subject for a different time.