3 Mistakes to Avoid in Digital Marketing

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Digital marketing proves to be a solid solution for small business growth everywhere as more and more small businesses connect with niche audiences. Social media, email marketing, and several other digital marketing strategies help small businesses stack up to the Fortune 500s – but the competition is high, leaving a very small window for innocuous error.

Window view of many businesses

Common mistakes – that cost time and money – can easily disrupt the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts and cause the next brand to step in and position as a better option.

You’re not in business to waste time or lose money.

Here’s 3 common mistakes to avoid in digital marketing:

1.) Not Adding Value.

It is easy to lose focus on providing value if your digital marketing strategy includes content saturation or maximizing conversions - strategy that focus on the numbers, not the people. You’re in business to serve people! Forget about the page authority, revenue, or leads for just a second (albeit hard, it’s possible).

People want value for their time and money, not to join a 30-minute webinar that doesn’t provide a solution, or a full-page sign up pop-up in their face after 0.2 seconds of visiting your website. There are ways to keep value and quality at the head of your digital marketing strategy and convert leads.