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We get to know you first – to understand your business and to create solutions that align with your vision. Digalyne's dedicated experts understand just how impactful the right support is at the right time, so our services are designed to be simple, affordable, and meet your needs as they are today, so you stay prepared for what's next.


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The Solution, The Integration, The Rise™

Digalyne works with you to understand your vision and needs as they are today. We meet your business model where it is – and your schedule – to co-design the strategy that is right for you. An initial consultation call and Digalyne’s assessment toolkit will streamline delivery within our proprietary 3-tier model: The Solution, The Integration, and The Rise™.

The Solution, The Integration, The Rise.

Let's Talk

We Talk.

Our collaborative approach to needs assessment determines what solutions will meet your needs and accomplish your goals. Whether you are uncertain of your exact need or require full-scale strategy for enterprise restructure, our model ensures that your vision and satisfaction comes first. Your feedback drives each strategy session to determine the right techniques, tools, and delivery that align with how you do business.

We work with you to develop your tailored solution into tangible value with strategy that integrates your techniques, tools, and delivery into your business model. Yes, our 3-tier process goes the extra mile to turn strategy into action with iterative implementation that keeps you Agile and in control of delivery. We want you to rise, so we help get you started as we plan.


Let's Talk

We Design.

With techniques, tools, and the clearly defined strategy needed to integrate them, Digalyne next prepares you for ongoing success with training and knowledge transfer. Your strategy is defined, your implementation is delivered, and you have the right resources to make your next move with confidence. We even go a step further and offer access to lifetime resources to members of the Riser Community. The Rise will continue.


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You Rise.


Digalyne helps small business start-ups intersect vision with digital innovation to accelerate business objectives. We help you:

Define a clear, tailored digital marketing strategy 

Analyze data for smarter decisions and cost savings

Leverage tech solutions to automate processes


0-6 Employees

Digalyne helps rising small business spotlight the digital plateau (DP) to deliver digital transformation that maximizes business value. We help:

Refine processes to adapt to digital transformation strategy 

Analyze data for smarter decisions and cost savings

Leverage automation and digital innovation to realize ROI 


6+ Employees


Are your business models prepared for market change? Are you driving innovation or lagging behind?

Digalyne is your vehicle for transformative strategy and digital innovation. Small businesses experience rapid change and unique growing pains that differ from that of larger competitors. Digalyne narrows in on those challenges – placing people first and data next— to provide support for start-ups and risers, from start to scale. In the age of AI and small business success, your solutions should deliver value at every stage of your business lifecycle. Our digital strategy and transformation consulting will help you.